1. Is Plineo secure to use? And is my data safe?
At Plineo we take your data's security very seriously, and we understand that this is of paramount importance to you. The short answer is YES, Plineo is safe for your data. We have taken measures to ensure your data's security and privacy throughout the whole work process in Plineo. To read about the aspects of our secure setup you can check our Security Details page, or get the document as PDF.
2. I keep getting "We're sorry, but we can't send your payment right now" when trying to pay using PayPal®
This error can have several causes, a possible solution would be to remove your credit card from you PayPal® account and then re-adding it. If this does not solve the problem, you can pay using another credit card without creating a PayPal® account, or remove the card from PayPal® and using it as Guest payment (without using a PayPal® account). If none of these propositions solves the issue please contact us using our Help & Support page.