Manage your most valuable asset

Managing workforce is key to business growth and success. HR Professionals have to be more strategic while being responsible for monitoring and tracking employee performance and compliance throughout their work life cycle. With Plineo, track and approve leaves, record benefits, allowances, courses and preserve employee-lifetime histories.


  • By default, you are granted free access for 200 employees with the 1 HR access you subscribe to, and you are free to subscribe for more whenever required.
  • Keep a detailed profile for all employees, their remuneration and bonuses, their payment history, as well as their benefits provided and claimed. Keep track of their legal documents, and get notified ahead of expiry date, or when a review is due.


  • Track employee leave quotas, manage approval process by supervisor or manager.
  • General request, are easily requested by employee and directly notified and managed by their responsible supervisor and HR Department.
  • Generate templates easily (salary certificate, embassy letter, bank loan, etc…) with our simple editor for your employees, using their recorded data.