Plineo for Insurance

Check out what plineo can do for you in the insurance industry.

Plineo Insurance is a highly scalable solution; it keeps operations in pace with business growth. Plineo delivers quality-centric, scalable software, engineered in compliance with industry standards and supported by a secure, integrated infrastructure.

The insurance industry faces today several operational challenges. Plineo achieves greater efficiency and enhances process visibility and control through its ability to manage huge volumes of customer information in a secure environment. Furthermore, Plineo provides customer service representatives with timely access to information on-the-go.

With its common user interface for all policy types, claim administration system, billing and workflow automation, you can easily streamline operations and the entire business process more efficiently from initial quote through policy or claim disposition to payment, while also enhancing customer experience.

New Business acquisition is a highly complex process. It involves several steps including information collection, underwriting, approvals, and policy issuance. However, delays in policy issuance increase the risk of losing customers to competition. Plineo, reduces new business acquisition cycle time by streamlining the process and eliminating redundancies, thus speeding up application approvals.

Plineo dashboards provide real-time access to key business data, enabling timely decisions across your entire organization with access to critical data online anywhere and anytime, empowering field agents with complete access to customer profiles, latest policy details, etc.