Plineo for Manufacturing

Check out how plineo can help you in your manufacturing business.

Adopt Plineo CRM today to manage operations and how you do business with partners.

Plineo, an easy-to-use and flexible solution, provides manufacturers and distributors with a tool to manage their business more effectively while delivering amazing customer experiences to their clients.

Plineo enables a faster and less costly way to handle the requests to fulfillment, providing a costs saving method through it’s sales quote and customers’ proforma generation, creation of a production request followed by the generation of the packing list, weight certificates and all documents needed to get goods shipped to the client.

With its better insight, enhanced understanding and pipeline reporting, Plineo effectively manages and enhances your sales efforts.

Benefit more by taking advantage of Plineo CRM+ which adds a fully integrated finance solution and analytics reports. Set an annual budget for your sales team and monitor achievement, forecasts and overhead expenses. With this solution, you can also compare planned and actual costs.