Plineo for your Industry

In an ever-evolving business scene, the key to success is speed, efficiency and simplicity. Plineo is there to bring you an integrated package of solutions to help you stay focused on your goals. Its cloud based platform brings you utmost flexibility and power, coming to your needs in CRM, HRM, Financial Management and other business requirements.

Simplify Business Processes! - Shorten every process cycle; whether you are following up on your sales, or analyzing your financial transactions, you will appreciate the simplicity and the rapidity in which you can perform these tasks.

Boost your company's performance! - Uplift your company’s productivity levels by insuring a healthy work flow and a perfect control environment, thanks to its organizational features and safe teamwork channels.

Adopt a new approach to teamwork! - Anywhere in your premises, everyone has got access to the needed data. No more room for miscommunication and confusion. Achieve greater transparency, accelerate your decision making process, and share all data between your work stations.

Great mobile work experience! - Accomplish your jobs wherever you might be, it’s no more about being present at the office. Just log on to plineo and access the information you want to get done.