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Cloudify your business

Plineo provides you with a full toolset to manage your business seamlessly. Forget the tool, just focus on your work.

Manage your customers

Keep your data organized. Attach documents, events, notes, and everything you need for a customer. Tag your customers and assign different color category for easy filtering, etc…

Track your sales

Track your sales pipelines Make sure no two sales members are targeting the same potential
Track your budget and study your forecast

Sales Forecast

Do you work in insurance?

Manage all your policies

Plineo handles many types of insurance policies. It allows you to track information, generate endorsements and renewals with ease

Track all your claims

Track your claims, view a customer's claims history and track all settlements

Track all pending requirements

Follow up on missing requirements, assign them to the appropriate staff and stay reminded about dues

Stay on top of your employees’ needs

HRM Dashboard

Keep a detailed profile of all your employees, their legal documents, and their job history. Never miss a contract review or renewal. Help your staff ask for leaves or any request and get fast response.

Know your company’s financial status

Generate all the sheets to analyze your financials
Generate Production reports with a single click

Production Report

On the go

On the Go

Plineo is flexible and accessible from anywhere.
Since it’s Cloud based, all you need is an internet connection.
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