Role - Executive

Manage all your business in one central location. Plineo provide leadership insight into all parts of the organization, keeping track of all interactions, communications, and documentation accessible both in and out of the office. With Plineo, you can follow monthly subscription model and pay only for the number of users you need to meet fluctuating demand. Its low cost of entry, quick deployment and user-friendly interface for migrating and importing your existing data, make it easy to shift, adopt and get up and running in minutes.

Plineo enables you to:

Plineo gives you a 360-degree view and help achieve:

  • an increase in employee productivity and efficiency
More than 70%
  • an increase in customer service quality and satisfaction
For both existing & new customers
  • an increase in volumes of transactions handled per day
Almost 300%
  • a reduction in processing and servicing time
More than 75%
  • a reduction in operational costs
More than 50%
  • a reduction in dependency on physical documents